The wide application of lemon juice extends even to your hair. It is used for variety of purposes on hair. Here are some of the benefits it offers to ones hair.

It is used to lighten the hair.

The acid content of lemon juice will strip off the hair’s natural colors; thus, golden highlight on hair are visible after application and exposure of the hair to sunlight. If going to saloon for hair highlights will make you spend some bucks, some find it very economical to make hair highlights by themselves using lemon juice. The juice will be massaged to a particular portion of the hair that you wanted to be blond and expose it in few minutes under the sun. Further, you also have to use the lemon juice to restore your natural blonde hair color when you go swimming into chlorinated swimming pools. The lemon will act as neutralizer of the chlorine.

Lemon juice is used to get rid of Dandruff.

Dandruff is disgusting and its itchiness can really cause discomfort and may sometimes cause blemishes on the scalp due o too much scratching. The lemon juice can be applied on scalp to get rid of scalp itching and to wash away dandruff and prevent it from coming back. After putting on the juice, leave it for few minutes then wash hair thoroughly and apply shampoo.

Treatment for Hair Loss.

Lemon juice is known to be a natural remedy for hair loss. The juice contain Vitamin B and A, phosphorus and other anti oxidants which are essential to hair growth and repair of damage hair cells to give way for hair regeneration. It makes the hair healthier and shinier.

The lemon juice is used to manage hair.

Spray some juice lightly on the hair before blowing it dry. The acidity of the lemon will swell your hair strands, thus, it gives more volume to the hair. It is also used to hold hair style in place.

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