It seems Keenya Kelly came alive when she decided to go natural. Entrepreneur and Blogger Keenya Kelly is making waves in the hair community with her Events Company, The Return of The Curls. Learn more about her story.

What is your name and where are you from?
My name is Keenya Kelly and I currently reside in Richmond, VA

Tell us about your blog, your business and your hair journey.
I started my blog about two years ago, as a way to just journal my hair journey. Being a curly was something that was extremely new to me and I decided I would write about it and possibly help someone else along the way. I ended up talking about my life on the blog instead of just hair. Some days I’ll blog new from scratch recipes that I whipped up in the kitchen, other days I may preach a message thats in my heart to encourage and inspire women and then I post about the different events that my company will be hosting.

I started my company Keenya Kelly LLC February of this year and birthed Return of the Curls, which are events, expos for women who are natural or considering the natural journey. At these event we usually host 40-50 different vendors for attendees to purchase products and learn about new services, which companies get to participate in a one day event to brand themselves to our audiences.

What is the #1 message you want to convey to your fans.
I want to let them know its ok to be yourself. We’ve spent so much of our lives watching other people and trying to mirror ourselves after them, especially celebrities, but I want them to know you’re awesome the way that God made you…and if you stopped to recognize it, you could really go a lot further in life and be much happier.

How long have you been natural?
I celebrated my 3 year anniversary on November 20, 2012.

What made up your mind to go natural?
GIRL WHO KNOWS! I always tell people it had to be God because I had ZERO desire to go natural, but once I did, I birthed my company.

How did you do it? BC? Transition? What was your technique?
I stopped putting in a relaxer in my hair for 4 months and then just called a friend and had her cut it all off!! I was having a really tough time, because I didn’t have the extra money to visit a professional salon to help with my transition, so I just opted to cut it all off.

What do your peers and family think?
Initially they all hated my hair, thought I had been hurt by a guy and thats why I cut my hair. I even had a guy message me on facebook and said all women don’t look good natural. WTW??? LOL But now everyone loves my hair, and so many of my friends and family members have now embarked upon their own natural journeys.

What are your favorite products for washing, moisturizing, and conditioning?
To be honest, the products that have worked great for me are Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner, or Aussie Moist! But for a good leave in conditioner I love Tree Naturals, Giovanni Direct Leave In and then Shea Moistures Conditioners. Now the most recent styling product I’ve fallen in love with is from Coco Curls, their Curl Styling Aid…amazing stuff.

What is your favorite hairstyle for hair growth?
My favorite style in general would be a braid out. I love how wavy my hair looks, and it elongates my hair. I usually experience a lot of shrinkage, but with a braid out you are able to really see the length of my hair.

What advice do you give to people transitioning?
I STRONGLY recommend that you seek a professional who specializes in natural haircare. Its not the easiest thing to transition and its not something I recommend you do alone without professional help.

Where can we get in contact with you?
If you want to find me you can pretty much google me and I am EVERYWHERE!! LOL OR
and Instagram Keenya Kelly or ReturnoftheCurls2

Where shall we see you in the near future with your brand and blog?
We are going INTERNATIONAL praise God. We plan to criss cross the world spreading the love of Jesus and Natural Hair. I’m in Richmond, Va now, but in 2013 we will be in VA, NC. KY and possibly AL (ALABAMA) LOL

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