Jacqueline Rivera HairJacqueline Rivera representing Norwalk, CT, has natural hair to evny. It is so full and healthy.

Even though relaxed, her hair stays strong by her maintenance of daily moisture and deep conditioning every week.

Her hair does not even succumb to breakage. Learn more about Jacqueline Rivera hair passion.

Jacqueline Rivera Hair Passion

What’s your style now?

My hairstyle is medium length relaxed and layered.

What products do you use?

I use Organics No-Lye Relaxer 2x a year and live by natural Olive Oil for moisture.

Who is your hair idol?

I admire Rhianna’s hairstyles. She likes to take risks and changes up, which is a good thing. Also, I can say Keri Hilson is another that changes up and absolutely love it.

acqueline Rivera Hair Story

Who is your hair stylist?

I don’t have a specific hair stylist, my sisters usually do my hair.

But, if they do not have the time, I go to the Dominicans to get my hair styled. The name of the salon prefer is called “Lilas” a very popular chain of salons in CT that does amazing blowouts.

Technically, all I do most of the time is moisturize my hair with olive oil and put in Foam Rollers at night. I wake up, take it out, and go. I do not do much to my hair but the basics.

This regimen has always kept my hair extremely full and it retains its length.



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