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By Ronnie Williams

Bald Beauties, although you are free of hair, you are not free of maintenance. The scalp is a very sensitive area of skin and should be given extra attention, especially if it will be exposed to the potentially harmful rays of the sun.

First things first, bald heads should be smooth. Razor bumps are unsightly and unhealthy, as they are indicative of bacteria on and inside of the scalp. Treat the head with Tend Skin  or unscented deodorant, which will reduce and prevent razor bumps.

Get The Smooth Shave

  1. To get a smooth shave, always make sure the head is moist.
  2. If the hair has been allowed to grow, take it down to a buzz cut with an electric razor or scissors.
  3. Exfoliation is the next step. Use your favorite soap or moisturizing body wash with a loofah to gently invigorate the scalp.
  4. Rinse well, and coat the head in shaving cream (or hair remover) and shave.
  5. Once the shaving is complete, always remember to moisturize.

Keeping a bald head moist is essential to keeping it smooth. Vitamins E and A work well in moisturizing. Aloe Vera Gel and Silicone based products can also act as a shield from the elements and water.

***Bald heads should also be protected from extreme heat, cold and direct sunlight.***

When going outside with a bare bald head, remember to use a sunscreen with a SPF of at least 25. Bald Guyz makes one with a SPF of 30. Remember, the higher the SPF, the more protection from the sun. Stay away from heavy greases and oils while outside in the sun, as they may cause the scalp to overheat and blister, or block the pores and cause bumps.

Washing and conditioning bald heads can be done as often as needed. For dandruff, Denorex or any other specialized shampoo will work. Do NOT skip conditioning. Use a dime sized amount and finger-rub briskly to keep the scalp in tip-top shape.

If you are a wig wearer, always clean the scalp before applying your hairpiece. Protect your scalp with Aloe Vera Gel and use any pre-application products that you choose to keep your scalp healthy. Wig-Caps can also be beneficial. Remove the wig and wash/treat the scalp if you notice any itching or pain.

Many product lines offer products targeted for bald heads. Have fun and explore the possibilities of being hairless.

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  1. Tony C

    Thanks for the article. The model in the picture looks gorgeous. It is not every day you see a stunning bald female. I prefer Amber Rose with a shaved head to her with hair. Bald is beautiful.


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