The outline below are the steps for cornrowing braids. Bear in mind the basics: do not pull too hard hurt the scalp as this may cause irritation or hair loss. Use gels when cornrowing.

1. Figure out the style for your cornrow braid. You need to decide the style and direction of the braiding.

2. Moisten the hair with  and comb it using the wide tooth comb to remove tangles. Make sure not to start braiding unless everything is detangled.

3. Divide the hair into major sections or small sections with the fine comb.  Make sure to clip the other sections so it will not entangle as you go on braiding.

4. Select the section where you want to start the cornrow braiding. Take a small amount of hair or any amount will do depending on your style. Divide them into three sections and separate them by your hands so it will not mix.

5. Begin braiding at the hairline. The three must be equal in size. The braid starts from the left strand pulled over the center strand and then pull the right over the center. As you continue to braid, add hair from the section that you are braiding into row to keep the braid attached to the scalp and seen in row. Make sure to add hair evenly.

6. Continue braiding until you reach the end of the hair and secure the braid end with rubber band or an accessory.

7. Do the same for the rest of the section you earlier parted if you wish to braid them.

Here is a quick video:

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