The La Brasiliana Zero Keratin Treatment is specially designed for use by  women with curly hair. It works to straighten hair and is considered as one of the most effective hair straightening products on the market.

Although the La Brasiliana Zero Keratin Treatment has received rave reviews by many, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding it. There are different issues regarding the product that have some people worried, but more than anything it is the hidden harmful chemicals in the product which have some concerned.

This product is used in the hair blowout treatment known as the “Brazilian Blowout”, which many women loved because it straightened their hair. The results may be brilliant, but the problem started when people started experiencing different unfavorable symptoms as a result of the toxins in the product used in the blowout process. After about half an hour into the process, people started getting headaches and complaining of sore throats. This caused a multitude of tests to be performed on the product.

After various tests and studies were performed on the La Brasiliana Zero Keratin treatment, there were different chemicals found in the product, namely formaldehyde. This was first discovered after some women experienced nosebleeds and headaches after having a blowout using the product. Some even had difficulty breathing and burning, red, irritated eyes.

Formaldehyde is an extremely dangerous chemical, one which causes such symptoms, and after they were reported, the studies and tests on the product began. There are different effects caused by formaldehyde that show in the human body. However, besides the women who exhibited symptoms, there were also many others who had exposure to the chemical but who did not show any symptoms. That is because some people are highly sensitive to the chemical while others are not no sensitive and may not show symptoms even after continued exposure.

If you want to get straight hair, the best thing you can do is trying to achieve it without the use of chemicals. There are many natural products which do not contain chemicals and which are therefore not harmful to your hair or you. There are still many women who use the La Brasiliana Zero Keratin Treatment, and studies continue to be done on the product, to hopefully find out further information on any other dangerous, hidden chemicals in the formula.

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