Now is a good time to work out a hair strategy for healthier hair for the coming year. This is an excellent place to start. Articles abound on the state of Black hair. How to make hair stronger and healthier remain at the forefront.

Even with minimal computer skills you are encouraged to tap into on line resources. Sisters are blogging and making videos with step-by-step processes for working out hair conundrums without stress.

Patience, is a key factor when looking to make a positive change. Many comments on posts have sisters crying out in angst about the time it takes for them to see a noticeable difference in hair length. My experience is that when locking my hair I can see the growth quickly. After passing through the baby stage of locs (1st eight months) my hair grows like wildflowers.

It isn’t as easy to see the growth with my Afro. I know it’s growing, but I admit to being challenged on my slow spot. The place in the center of my head where it just doesn’t seem to get any longer. Even with a halo of hair framing my face I worry about that one spot.

Many of you may have a spot or spots of your own that seem to lag in growth behind the rest of your hair. What to do? I condition and moisturize and become more mindful of how much I am braiding my hair at night, and how often I have it pulled up into an afro puff. I know that after a week I need to loose my hair out as not to put additional strain on my edges which take a beating being pulled up on a daily basis.

I do have a wish-list for my hair. I want to try some new things and the new year seems like a good time to start. I want to try a twist-out with some of the cool rods I see on You Tube “how-to” videos. I also want braids that won’t pull my edges out and a style that doesn’t require added hair. Sounds simple, right?

Whatever your hair wish is, don’t be afraid to try it out. Get referrals from other women with styles you find complimentary. Ask, who styles their hair, how much it costs, and how long the service takes. These are questions that can be posted on line or asked in person when you see a style you like. From what I’ve seen from the on line hair community, sisters are happy to share/exchange information.

Have you ever been out and about and seen a sister with a style you had to compliment and she wasn’t in the sharing mood? Some people hold their beauty secrets really tight to the chest. They are vague when you ask about grooming habits and won’t give up any information although they seem to appreciate the compliment.

I just don’t see that on line and I’m thankful. The more we know, the better we become at treating our hair with love. Let 2015 be the year for dealing with hair anxiety and wearing your crown in ways that express who you are.
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