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Vissa Studios Team March 13, 2012 Locks & Dreads No Comments

Dreadlocks are great looking, but they are not always easy to create and sculpture into your hair. Nappylocs takes the frustration and hard work and turns it into an easy and unique way to get the same results without the same difficulties. You can spend a lot of money on hair locking services but with Nappylocs, you pay once small price for a lifetime of knowledge.

You are also offered quick and affordable locking classes that give you all the skills to become an expert in the field of hair locking so you can work on friends or family’s hair whenever you want!
Why pay for hair locking services repeatedly when you can receive the skills yourself through a complete book that teaches from the beginning to the end of hair locking and shows you how to use the Nappylocs handy tool. You will learn to create different sizes of locks every one of them tight and neat. You will also know the correct way to care for your dreadlocks so that they stay in longer and are clean.
Learn quickly, be an expert and save yourself time and money with Nappyloc!

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