Apple Cider Vinegar rinses are nothing new on the hair scene but there may be some of us who have yet to give them a try. Let’s be honest-who wants to go around smelling like a plate of fish and chips? (Spoiler alert: you will not smell like fish and chips.)

So how does apple cider vinegar affect the hair and why should you use it? Over time, hair can become weighed down with the buildup that results from daily product use. Residue from butters and creams, flakes resulting from gels, silicones in conditioners and shampoos all affect the hair’s natural texture. This is unavoidable, as proper haircare requires the use of these products. However, the buildup can periodically be removed from hair with the aid of apple cider vinegar.

The reason why it works is scientific but simple. The pH level of hair is very similar to that of apple cider vinegar, and adding more of that pH to your hair will get it as close to that level-the normal level- as possible. A vinegar rinse results in hair that is extraordinarily soft and has much more volume because it isn’t weighed down. Apple cider vinegar will also cleanse the scalp without the stripped feeling that many people complain of after using shampoos. Additionally, if you have curly hair, you may see curls that are more springy and elastic.

After doing some research on how apple cider vinegar affects the hair, I had to try it myself to see how and if it actually works. I’m known to be a drama queen but I am not exaggerating when I say that my life is forever changed because of apple cider vinegar! I’ve been on the lookout for a shampoo that would absolutely wow me; something affordable that would leave my hair and scalp impeccably clean but without my hair shrinking up and feeling rough and stripped of moisture. Every shampoo I’ve ever used has resulted in that awful frizzy crunchy feeling afterwards. (Except for baby shampoos and I would worry that those weren’t getting my scalp clean enough.)

So following a recipe that calls for one part apple cider vinegar to two parts water, I filled up a gallon jug and got to work. My scalp felt pleasantly clean afterwards and my hair was extremely bouncy but although I decided I would start doing rinses in place of a regular shampoo, I wasn’t sufficiently wowed.

The real magic was the second time around when I forgot to dilute the vinegar. I absentmindedly dumped a bottle over my head in the shower and my hair, which was extremely tangled, suddenly parted like butter. My curls were popping, my hair was ridiculously soft, and my scalp was squeaky clean. 100 percent, four stars, 10 out of 10, all the way! (And I didn’t smell a thing!)

While it worked for my hair, I definitely would not recommending using undiluted vinegar because everyone’s hair will react differently. As it is, I don’t plan on rinsing with it more than twice a month. Everyone should try it at least once (just remember to close your eyes-that may seem obvious but I had to learn the hard way). Apple cider vinegar is definitely a budget friendly way to cleanse and clarify for beautiful hair.

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