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All About Hair Type 1

Hair type 1 is straight with no curl or wave. It does not hold styles very well.  Many people think Type 1 Hair is the perfect kind of hair. It is sleek, shiny, and straight. But, hair type 1 it comes with many of its own issues and difficulties. Although this durable hair type is difficult to damage, it can become dull and lackluster quite easily. Due to its tendency to cling tight against the scalp, hair type 1 can quickly become oily and greasy feeling. When properly maintained, that oil that was initially a problem can help create desirable shine.

Hair type 1 is comprised of three subcategories: Hair Type 1A, Hair Type 1B, and Hair Type 1C. This Hair Type is common among people of Asian and European descent. The difference is in the noticeable increase in body.

Yunjin Kim is a great example of a celebrity who embraces her hair type 1 hair. Her Korean heritage gives her beautiful, straight, sleek locks. Others with hair type 1 include Paris Hilton and Rachel Bilson. One of the benefits of hair type 1 is that you can change your hairstyle on a day-to-day basis. But, you would have to wash it often to keep form grease build up.

Hair Type 1 Maintenance Tips

  • Leave your conditioner in for a few minutes while showering. Only apply it to the ends of hair especially if your hair gets oily easily.
  • Use a shower cap when you swim. You can also wet hair thoroughly with non-chlorinated water before swimming. Following your swim, wash you hair with shampoo as soon as possible after exposure to chlorine.
  • Use a heat protectors if you straighten your hair.
  • Use heat appliances on their lowest settings to minimize damage and maintain shine.
  • Take a Vitamin E Supplements to improve the shine of your hair.

Although hair type 1 can be one of the easiest to maintain, it takes effort to make the most out of it. You will need to baby those locks in order to achieve the maximum natural luster that is associated with this hair type. Hair type 1 can be beautiful if you take the time to take care of it.

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