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Black women often use their hairstyles as a statement about who they are. The topic of hair is so complex that it has the power to divide black women.

On the US market since 1990, Natural-Laxer from Baka Beauty Products International is the original product made from Daphne Gnidium, an evergreen tree. Natural-Laxer Plus and Natural-Laxer MIX are second generation products made from a blend of herbs – myrtle, rose petals, clove, nettle, sage, lavender – and Sahara Clay. The only difference between them is Natural-Laxer Plus comes in a kit with Sahara Clay where the two are mixed together in a 1:1 ratio, while Natural-Laxer MIX comes pre-mixed.

a5Benefits of Natural-Laxer? You can overdo it with a chemical relaxer and seriously harm your hair and scalp, but with Natural-Laxer the chance of doing so is next to nothing. However, the chance of you getting the same results from Natural-Laxer as you would from chemical relaxers is also minimal. Natural-Laxer doesn’t straighten the hair, all it does is loosen the curls to make your hair more manageable.

If you’d like the straight look and are interested in using Natural-Laxer, you’ll have to blow dry your hair and style it with a curling iron or pressing comb. Either way, whenever you use hot styling implements on a regular basis the result is the same as if you used a chemical relaxer and you have the potential for damaging you hair.

“The only real natural’ way to relax hair is through heat, anything else is using a chemical. Some companies are more straightforward than others about this fact,” say world-renowned chemist Dr. Utam Maharaj.

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