As college freshmen settle on campus for the first semester a major concern for many is hair maintenance. There are some things you can do yourself like shampooing, moisturizing, and conditioning. Keep heat usage to a minimum as it dries the hair and can make it brittle. This goes for blow dryers, curling irons and flat iron.

c401e4050e29ca5851c7756dafefc16bCuts, colors, and relaxers may not be things you want to attempt yourself. If you are located in a large metropolitan area chances are it won’t be hard to find someone reliable and affordable. Ask for referrals from older students who familiar with the area. Set an appointment for a consultation. Find out in advance (before you take the shampoo chair) exactly what the costs are for the services you want and get a time frame for being there.

For those who attend school without a lot of off-campus options, finding another student versed in basic maintenance may be an option. If your hair is chemically treated, try and keep touch-ups and handling of split ends for holidays and other home visits. It is best to let a professional handle chemicals even though you may save money by going to someone who can fill in in a pinch, but is not licensed.

If your school is located a couple of hours away from your hometown, planning a trip home to the stylist you know and trust may be worth the ride once a month. Let the stylist know you only have a couple of hours and by all means do show up on time. Take your books with you. Waiting time allows you to get a couple of chapters in, or to study those index cards with pertinent information you need to stay on top of.

hair-density-and-curly-hair-textureIf you are an athlete you already know the toll your hair takes from sweat and working out. A low maintenance style will make your life easier. You will need to shampoo and deep condition, while braided styles or locs won’t tie you down with spending hours on your hair after each workout.

Thankfully, you can find hair care products on line instead of scouring local store shelves that may not carry Black hair care products. Get what you need and be sure and check Vissa Studio blog often for updates on maintenance tips that will help keep your hair healthy. Have a great school year!

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