Before you decide which Is best for you, you should honestly take a hair analysis. If your hair is overly bleached, processed, shedding, or breaking off…do not color it. Deep condition & gain your hair’s strength back. A healthy head is more important than a colored one. If you are looking for a temporary color change, or just something that can wash out in a few washes, a rinse may be just the thing you are looking for. It will not bleach your hair, but It can add some zest to a flat color. Darker colors such as black will last longer, and may not wash out as soon as a brown or copper color. Below you will find some information about the different hair color types. Educate yourself & form an opinion. Hair color should not be done on a whim.


This usually comes in a shampoo, gel, spray or foam form. This is a temporary treatment composed of large molecules of color. It usually comes in bright, unusual colors such as blues, reds, greens & even orange to be worn for special events. Because the molecules are so large, they cannot penetrate the cuticle layer of the hair. These molecules instead are absorbed/bonded to the hair shaft for easy removal on healthy hair with a single shampoo. If the hair is damaged however, it will seep farther into the follicle & last longer.

Semi- Permanent –  This method involves smaller molecules than a temporary dye so it partially penetrates the hair shaft. Low levels of developer, ammonia, or peroxide may be prevalent depending on the color of the dye. P-Phenylenediamene, which is a contact allergen, may also be present. (Note the strand test on the box of dye). This chemical is a derivative of ammonia & can cause scarring & extreme skin defects. Semi-permanent dye will also not lighten hair. Because this color is not uniform (depends on the hair makeup) it is only a temporary solution for grays & would have to be repeated often.


This is a permanent color, however ammonia is usually not involved in the process. Ethanolamine or sodium-carbonate are used. When used with a developer, peroxide levels are still lower than a permanent dye so this will also not lighten hair. This process also does not fully remove pigment from the hair shaft, but is more uniform so in turn is also more effective on grays.

Permanent Color- The main two components of a permanent color are am alkalizing agent (the tint),, & a developer ( the oxidizing agent). When these 2 chemicals are combined, the chemical reaction causes the hair follicle to swell & the tint reaches the cortex where the melanin that colors our hair is. Permanent color does not wash out, but it does fade, and is the only process that can lighten hair. When using this method, you should seek a professional, as it is highly intrusive & only a professional would know how to avoid undertones clashing & giving you a weird color, like sunset green.

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