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Hair Drama: The Dreaded Split Ends!

Why do split ends even exist?

Split ends appear when the outer layer of cuticle is stripped down exposing the delicate inner layer of our hair. Do any of these look familiar?

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The problem with split ends is they cause breakage making it hard for you to retain length and a healthy head of hair. Performing temporary fixes, such as protein treatments and cuticle sealing, is like gluing a rubber band back together; it will stay for a little while but eventually break again.

Okay let’s reveal the truth about the gosh-awful split ends. Many say split ends can be fixed, repaired, and made brand new. Hmm…not so much. The ugly truth is that if your ends are split the only (and I mean the only) way to truly get rid of them is to cut them off. There is no other “cure” sweetie; that’s just the way it is.

Here are the Do’s & Don’ts for split end monsters.

Work those Do’s ladies; they are your key defense players when split ends want to run down your luscious field of hair!

Don’t let them score, keep split ends away!

Tiffani Davis
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