Hair banding is a technique, commonly used to ‘stretch out’ naturally kinky hair. This is done by simply using bands to extend the hair and stretch out the kinks. Generally it is used in the place of blowdrying the hair prior to flat ironing or styling. There will usually be slight creases in the hair left by the bands, but the general kinky texture will be stretched out by the process.

Applying the hair bands is quite simple. You can buy stretchy hair bands in large packs at any drug store. Generally, smaller hair bands without any metal on them work best for this procedure. After washing and conditioning the hair, separate in into one inch sections. Put the band around the hair, starting at the root and smoothing the hair downward. This can be done with fingers or with a comb. As you do this, wrap the hair band around the remaining hair in the section. Once you have done this to your entire head, let your hair dry overnight. In the morning, the bands should be carefully removed in the morning to reveal the newly stretched out hair.

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