Split Ends, or Trichoptilosis, is what happens when the protective cuticle at the end of the hair follicle is destroyed. The hair is split into 2 or more pieces as a result of this. Contrary to popular belief, once the hair is split, there Is no remedy, the hair must be cut & further problems must be prevented.
Lets start with some of the causes. Excessive coloring, heat styling, chemical processing & even sun exposure all contribute to split ends. Negligence can also cause or exacerbate split ends. Ethnic women can sometimes forego clipping our ends because of the risk of cutting too much hair, however, every 6-8 weeks the hair should be clipped. Longer hair should be trimmed more often, as essential oils do not always make it all the way down the hair shaft, leaving it more prone to breakage/splitting.

Prevent Split Ends

To Wash Hair : Do not bunch hair up while you wash it. If hair is tangled before a wash, gently comb downward from the ends, making your way up to the root before you wash hair. If it is easier, hair can be parted in half & washed. Shampoo & even conditioner should be added from the top of the scalp down & worked downward in a zig-zap pattern.
Hard Brushing should be avoided while wet, & to a minimum when hair is dry

Cut down/ Eliminate heat styling
Use Hair specific combs/brushes
Add Tree Tree Oil or Vitamin E to brushes & hair after conditioning or post-cut to seal ends
To cut your own split ends : Twist hair downwards in small sections. Split ends will stick out alongside the twist & can be cut vertically or diagonally. Be sure to cut each section evenly as possible.

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