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Garrett A. Morgan invents the Hair Relaxer by Accident

Garrett A. Morgan 3/4/1877 – 8/27/1963

By Ronnie Williams

Garret A. Morgan invented the first relaxer by accident.

Who Is This?

Garrett was a Kentucky Native. A hard worker, he went from being an employee of a wealthy Cincinnati landowner to eventually owning his own sewing machine/repair shop.

Why should I care?

Aside from being a hard working, handsome man, Garrett was also a quick, insightful inventor who kicked open many of the doors we so freely walk through today. In 1907, Garrett opened his sewing machine/repair shop. In 1909, he annexed a tailoring shop. In the tailor shop, Garrett was thinking of a solution he could use to polish the needles to a high gloss & stop them from scorching clothes. When Morgan doctored this liquid, he decided to test the effects of the liquid on hair & the relaxer was born! Delighted with his success, Morgan coined his hair division the G.A. Morgan Hair Refining Company. This Company was also responsible for the black hair oil dye & the curved tooth iron comb (to be used as a hot comb.)

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