Richelle Jones Hairstyle & Beauty Tips

Entrepreneur and Host offer beauty tips for her skin and bleach blonde hair. [...]

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Vissa Photo Shoot: Tanya Brags about her long Hair

During our latest Vissa Studios shoot for the upcoming circular, our model, Tanya, discusses the products she uses for her natural long black hair without chemicals. [...]

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Grace Jones Hairstyles

Grace Jones, the ionic singer and actress, bent all the rules when it came to style, especially her hair. During her reign in the 80’s she was one of the only figures to radiate her bald natural hairstyle. [...]

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Goapele Hairstyles

Soulful singer Goapele always embraced natural locs, either it be dreads or braids. Her style is fashion forward and very distinctive that she inspires many to imitate. [...]

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Naima Mora Hairstyles

Naima Mora is a fashion model and singer. She won cycle 4 of ANTM. Naima is the ultimate hair diva. She is a true experimental. She has played with colors like the bright reds and bleach blondes. Also, Naima doesn’t mind shaving once in a while to spice up her style. [...]

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Patti Labelle Hairstyles

Iconic singer and actress, Patti Labelle, has done every hairstyle in the book. I don’t think any other artist have achieved that. [...]

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Monica Hairstyles

Monica is a singer, producer, and actress. She rose to fame in her early teens with her debut platinum album Miss Thang. Throughout her career, she has been very experimental with her hairstyles. From weaves and wigs to short and sassy.  Monica definitely has fun with her hairstyles. [...]

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Vissa Model Monique Discusses her Sisterlocks

Vissa Model Monique of Vista, CA tells us why she loves her Sisterlocks. [...]

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Jurnee Smollett Hairstyles


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27 Piece Hair Weave

This beautiful hairstyle is made by gluing weave pieces around the head in circular fashion. Hair pieces are then arranged according to the length of the extensions. Finally, the bangs are separately styled to match the weaves. Add More Hairstyles [box type=”tick” style=”rounded”]Learn This Style[/box] [...]

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