The newest cover girl of WMB 3D magazine is none other than the ever-youthful, almost-40 Gabrielle Union. Our cover girl is dressed up in a chainmail two-piece and shown waist-deep in water, which is enough to give any hair-loving lady the willies! Whether she’s really dipping is anyone’s guess, but if you decide to dive in it’s all good — just take a couple easy precautions, soak up the fun, then give your tresses some TLC post-swim:

1) Pre-treat your tresses with a shampoo, a light squeeze followed by a leave-in conditioner. Keeping your hair saturated in water and conditioner will fatten your hair follicle and reduce the chance that chlorinated or salty water will penetrate and damage your hair.

2) Cover your hair with a swim cap very carefully, ensuring you don’t pull your hair. There’s no need to suffer a plain old rubber cover-up, there’s plenty of fashion married with function, and that goes beyond figure-flattering bathing suits! Check out the stylish swim caps from Unique Vintage and you’ll be protected, yet oh so retro-chic.

3) Use a clarifying shampoo post-swim such as Alterna Life Solutions Clarifying Shampoo. NYC hairstylist Jennifer Covington-Bowers recommends the brand to her clients who swim and do chemical straightening or color treatments. It’s gentle on processed hair and gets the job done without stripping moisture or color from the hair. Follow with the conditioner of your choice.

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