Sidney Starr is a transexual model who planned to write a book about rappers she slept with. Kind of like Karrine Steffans book, but more interesting because ‘she’ is really a ‘he’.

Anyways, despite her(his) lifestyle choices, I love her (his) hairstyle. She has the top half  flat twisted and and the bottom half crimped in this photo.

Popular youtuber  HealthyHairMisson shows the rudiments of flat twisting. If you want to achieve this hairstyle, please watch the video to learn the basics on flat twisting.

Once you got that part done, then all you have to do is get Rubber Bands for Styling and holding the flat twist, a comb for parting, and a Crimper.

****Remember, this hairstyle in the photo, works better with relaxed or straightened hair****


Get This Style:

  1. Part Your hair in half: A Top Half and A Bottom Half.
  2. Flat Twist the Top Half of your hair in any design pattern you choose. Use the rubber bands to secure each flat twist.
  3. Crimp the Back Half of your hair
You are done! Getting your flat twist to get as perfect as the photo above may take some time. But, by the time you do it the 3rd time, you should be a professional.

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