Aquina La’Shae,24 is a multi-talented business woman who has made a name for herself throughout the Bay Area with her work as a make-up artist, photographer, modeling consultant and model.

Although Aquina La’Shae is self-taught in all fields her creative ingenuity and strong network has helped her excel. She has 8 years of experience as a make-up artist. Three of those years were professional through her own company Exclusive Eyez which branched out into the model consulting company BAE which was founded in 2009 and manages 11 models in the Bay Area and who have had successful features in music videos with artists such as Global, J.Valentine and Big Rich.

AquinaLa’Shae was the first BAE model and had successful photo shoots as well as video work, but she is also known for her work behind the camera as well. As of now she has over 30 new clients as a photographer with less than two years of experience. She’s also managed to generate enough buzz to get a few agencies attention as well. One of her most well known shoots was for Messy Marv’s clothing line Scalen. Aquina La’Shae is a very hands on photographer who also does the make-up, styling and edits for her shoots.

Her strong work ethic has gotten her know as one of the best in the Bay and is securing her a healthy number of client referrals as well. However, Aquina La’Shae has her eye set on further expansion as she is currently in school majoring in graphic and web design as well as dropping an accessory line later this year which she plans on parlaying into clothing and make-up lines. She also has a dream of owning her own management agency for clients throughout the fashion and entertainment industries. With her dedication to quality in every aspect of her work Aquina La’Shae leaves no doubt that she can achieve the highest level of success.

Aquina thanks her boyfriend J.Sutherland for all the support and being her mentor.

Moreover, we had the chance to get to know her more after our recent Vissa Model Shoot! To our surprise, we found out she was a model as well, so we had to ask her more about her many talents and her hair!

What do you do?

I am a Makeup Artist, Model, Modeling Consultant, and a Photographer. I am also launching a accessories line this summer.

What do you love to do?

I love to spend time with my family I have two children my daughter Is four soon to be five and I have a newborn son who is four months. I spend a lot of time mainly now doing photography.

What does everyone love about you?

I am a very artistic person, VERY HELPFUL, and probably the most giving person you will ever meet. I love to see my piers and family succeed as well.As for being artistic I am very creative. Anything artistic comes basically natural to me. I have always had an eye for designing. Makeup/Designing have come very natural to me which I am very blessed.

What is your hairstyle now?

My hair is pretty much in a 12 inch straight weave I looooooooooove curly big hair but straight is easier to maintain.

What hair products do you use to maintain it?

I use Olive Oil Conditioner for my curly hair do’s for my straight hair I just use Biosilk Silk Therapy.

Do you have a stylists, if so, who are they and located?

No I do not.

Please give us your brief hairstory, your journey of hairstyles?

wheew! lol…I’ve done everything you can think of I’ve gone suppppper long, I gone big and curly, I’ve went blonde, I’ve went red, even had blue streaks in the bangs, even purple, I have literally done everything possible i can do to my hair besides shave it off.
To get in contact, see her work, or know more about Aquina, her info is as follows:
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