Balayage highlights have rose to popular this past year. This highlighting technique has been around for quite some time but is coming to salons all over. Balayage works well with all hair types and colors. It’s a french coloring technique that was developed in the 70’s. instead of using foils like traditional highlights, balayage is a freehand painting technique. Balayage actually means to paint or sweep.

The process of putting on the highlights is also unlike foils. Like I said it’s free hand so most stylist use a backboard and paint on the highlights and will put a cotton ball to separate the pieces so they don’t blend together. They use a stronger bleach when actually highlighting your hair but the process itself can be long. If you’re going to get it done expect to be in the salon for at least a half an hour.

One of the biggest appeals to these trendy highlights is that it’s low maintenance. Instead of going to the salon every 6 weeks to get your hair retouched, these highlights don’t have a solid regrowth line meaning it won’t be noticeable when you need to get your hair done. It grows out very natural and the only thing you have to do is protect the color by using safe shampoo. It’ll also save you some money!

There is so many different looks that they can achieve. You can keep it soft, natural and sun-kissed or go for a more dramatic and bold look.

They can also add dimension into your hair. You can style your hair in a lot of amazing styles but to show off the most color beach curls or loose curls work the best. Even though it looks great with curls, you can also leave your hair natural or straighten it and it’ll still look great.

Balayage is great for dye virgins or someone who has dyed their hair 100 times. The key though is to have little to no grey and to have shoulder length hair to really show the dye. It’s the perfect natural look.

So is Balayage right for you? Like I said before, it’s meant to be a natural sun-kissed look so some stylist go with what will look best with your skin which is great but if you’re looking for overall lighting, you should try to stick with the traditional foil highlights.

With my experience with it, it actually didn’t damage my hair as much as I expected it to. I’ve had it done for the past 6 months and it still looks good and I haven’t dyed it since. With previous experiences my hair, which is naturally a very dark brown, would end up feeling straw like and needed constant retouches because the roots would be so drastic. However when I tried balayage highlights my hair felt normal and there was little to no damage. It’s a great way to highlight your hair for girls with darker hair because while it still lightens up your hair you can still see your natural dark hair.

I also suggest this for girls who are afraid to take the full leap into getting foils and changing up your whole look. Overall balayage is a perfect summer look to change up your look.

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