Dyeing the dreadlocks can be easy but coating it evenly seems to be the problem if you are not familiar of how to do it. Here are some easy tips to follow to make your dreadlock dyeing results satisfying.

Fundamentally, the type of dye you will choose matters. There are dyes which will not hold longer on hairs and some may have harmful ingredients that may cause itching on your scalp. If this is not the first time you have dyed your hair but was performed by someone else like your hairstylists, better know the brand of that to be sure. A patch test is necessary before using the chosen dye if it is your first time to use a certain brand. This will let you identify if your skin has allergic reactions with the chemical component of the hair dye.

Get ready to dyeing now. Prepare the dye according to the instructions given in the pack – the water measurement to create a solution.

Application starts. Start the application from the nape of the neck then move forward. You may use tint brush or your hand. Just don’t forget to use gloves. Coat the notch individually and make sure to apply the dye heavily on this part. Do not mash the dye. When you sensed that the dread is thoroughly and thickly covered, run down your hand to collect the overflowing dye and use for the next notch. To do this successfully, you may need mirrors so you will know if you missed some part or if the applied die is enough already.

After the application, cover your head with shower cap. Keeping the dye on hair depends on the enclosed instruction in the package. Keep it according to what is required, and then rinse the hair thoroughly. You can apply some conditioners after washing. After rinsing you will know if the application is even. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can redo the application process concentrating on the lighter and unevenly dyed area.

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