If you are looking for fast, simple, and long lasting curls, look no further! The Braun butane curling iron is just as convenient as it is easy. With no cords or plug-ins required, the curler is perfect to take with you where ever you go. Simply slip it in your purse, bag, or sports bag. Have an appointment after hitting the gym? With the Braun butane curling iron you have an easy, no hassle solution to your curling needs.

This unique, compact curler is ceramic plated and gas operated allowing for a smooth, even heat distribution to give beautiful, even curls. This means no mess and no clean up. The only thing that could make this must have item more attractive is a great price. Thankfully, Braun Butane curling iron has a great price with you in mind! Make sure to pick yours up today and let your hair worries be curled away.

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