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Spring break dates vary between school districts. As a working parent you may not be off while your child is on vacation. Make it easier on yourself by incorporating a style that will get you through the week without having to restyle your kid’s hair every morning.

Braids, press & curls, and ponytails with bangs are always in fashion for little ones. If tied down at night with a satin scarf or bonnet early morning spruce ups require little maintenance. Hair accessories include bobbles, barrettes, and decorative hair pins. All can be found at local dollar stores in multi-packs that sell for under a buck.



Pick up a small container with a lid to keep up with hair treasures. I have purchased enough accessories over the years to supply entire neighborhoods. It is much easier to reach into a case and pull what you need than to keep replacing sets.

A dab of light oil around edges keeps them neat. If your little one can’t keep a scarf or bonnet on during the night consider a satin pillow case. Hair management keeps your little ones hair neat and helps you get out of the door in the morning with minimal hair fuss.

Allow your daughter to pick out a few hair accessories. They may stay in place longer if she likes them!


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