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Despite I’m not much of a hair stylist, I’ve already posted hacks on how to do cute and quick updos in under 10 minutes, which you greatly appreciated. And today I wanna give you some fresh ideas of charming hairstyles for when you are running late – they’re not time-consuming at all, while the result is really impressing.

All you need is a couple of hairpins, a scrunchy, and a little bit of patience to create one of these super easy updos for long hair. Here you’ll find hairstyles that meet the office dress code, emphasize your femininity and tenderness in case you’re going on a date, or satisfy your comfort needs on weekdays.

Double Knot Chignon

The double knot bun is even easier than you think! However, it creates a completely different look to any bun, adding elegance and delicacy to your image. What I like the most is that I can do it for a bunch of occasions – from work to a restaurant.

Slick back your hair and make a low pony, divide it into two sections to tie them into a knot. Fix this one with a pin and create one more knot in the same way. Tuck in the ends and enjoy your stylish look.

Messy Updo for Textured Hair

If you’re a lucky with naturally curly or wavy hair, running against the clock is not your problem, as any kind of texture allows for almost effortless styling. Just twist your hair on the sides and fix it on the nape somehow. No need to worry: that disorder is in absolute harmony with your hair type.

Summer Pony for Long Hair

This ponytail variation is perfect for hot summer days when you want to refresh your long hair with something extra bright and unusual. It’s so cute and easy to make, just with help of a few tiny hair bands.

Half-Up Half-Down Heart Style

Meet a perfect solution for bad hair days. It’s not your average half-up, but a true piece of art made within 5 minutes. Turn on your creativity and add a couple of twists to the crown of this fancy everyday style.

Messy Top Knot

A messy bun or so-called top knot is the most popular option of all simple updos I’ve ever tried. I really love it as a super comfy home hairstyle, a cool detail of casual look, and even as an addition to the strict office style.

Loose Hairstyle with Bobby Pins

I’d like to call it a “hashtag hair”. Break the rules and, instead of trying to hide your bobby pins, make a feature of them!

Good Old Ponytail


Do you prefer wearing a pony up or down? Whichever you choose, wrapping a strand of hair around your pony never hurts.

To make that strand hold in place, wrap its ends around the pin first, and only then fix it to your head.

Beach Bun Twist Hairstyle

A low bun at the nape is the foundation of most hair ups for medium hair, as well as of this fantastic style. Adjust those twists to suit your face shape and hair structure: maybe you choose a central parting or side-swept part, want some volume atop, or vice versa slick it back.

Relaxed Side Ponytail

Pretty much the easiest and most relaxed way to look magnificent with a minimum of effort is to rock a sweet low side ponytail on your messy locks. Tie it with your fav hair band, a ribbon, or use a hair clip, and voila – your unforgettable look is ready!

So, here is it, a gallery of lovely hairstyles that won’t make you waste too much your priceless morning time to get ready and rule the world 😉


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