Women can grow and maintain their hair with the help of a few drinks. Results might vary from person to person.

Here is the list:


Water is one of the best drinks that must be taken by the women in order to grow long hair. A woman must have 4-6 glasses of water every day in general for your entire body. Usually water hydrates the hair shaft and follicles that prevents the hair from drying. So a regular intake of 4-6 glasses of plain water is one of the healthy ways to grow long hair.

Fresh Fruit Juice

This is another healthy way to allow hair growth. Fresh fruits like bananas, cherries and strawberries can be used as ingredients for preparing fresh fruit juice. Avoid adding sugar to the juice as too much of sugar intake might not be good for hair growth.


Beer is another drink that works wonders in hair growth. Having natural sugar content and high level of Vitamin B it helps in building up the volume of hair and reduces hair fall. Apply room temperature beer, as a rinse after the conditioner is washed out. Leave it for two minutes and then rinse hair with plain water.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Having dandruff or a dry scalp can be one of the causes that might stop hair growth. So in order to have long hair it is essential to get rid of dandruff. Apple Cider Vinegar not only helps in removing dandruff but also improves the hair texture by making it soft and shiny. All one has to do is to dilute ½ cup of Vinegar in a quart of water and then use the mixture as a final rinse after washing the hair.

Reduce alcohol and caffeine intake

In order to grown long hair it is advised that the consumption of alcohol and intake of caffeine products should be reduced as it contains a lot of sugar. Instead a spoonful of lemon juice can be added to black tea as consumed once a day.

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