A protein treatment-when would you ever need one? If you ever feel like your hair isn’t getting everything it needs to flourish, go with your gut. If you’ve been using the same products for a while, your hair can grow used to them, ultimately rendering your routine somewhat useless. (For lack of a better example, think how bugs slowly grow immune to pesticides.) When this happens, it’s the perfect excuse to try some fun new ideas! There are lots of simple things to try to give your tresses a beautiful boost…minus the bugs of course.

For those of us who like to stick to natural ingredients, there’s one miraculous hair repair item that you probably have sitting in your fridge right now: eggs.

I was a little skeptical before trying eggs for the first time but I was also desperate. I felt like my hair was extra brittle and constantly frizzy, especially my ends and around the nape of my neck. After some research, I figured out that I might need some form of a protein treatment for strengthening and smoothing. So what could I put in my hair that had a ton of protein in it? A steak immediately came to mind but then again eggs seemed to be a bit easier.

There are two ways to go when applying eggs to your hair: 1) egg whites only or 2) the whole egg. I noticed that my hair seemed extraordinarily firm after using an entire egg…and firm isn’t exactly an adjective I’d like to use when describing my hair. So the second time around, I went for the next option: egg whites only.

Before I share my results: I want to start off with my UHD (universal hair disclaimer): not every product will work for every person, every time. Hair reacts differently no matter who you are or what you do. That being said, based on my results, I would reccomend that everyone try using egg on their hair at least once. When I finally figured out how to use it the right way, I fell in love.

I noticed that after mixing in a couple of whipped egg whites with my conditioner, my hair seemed smoother, stronger and a heck of a whole lot shinier. Shine, due to the way that the cuticles lay in natural hair, is just not something a whole lot of us curly girls get to experience so that was a welcome surprise.

The foolproof method for a DIY protein treatment I’ve come up with is as follows:

Step 1) separate 2 eggs from their yolks.

Step 2) Using a fork or if you wish, a hand mixer, whip the whites until frothy. This will help you pick them up like conditioner instead of having them slide all over the place.

Step 3) Add about 3 tablespoons of your oil of choice. I used Argan oil. (Depending on how much oil you like in your hair as well as how much hair you have, you may want to adjust this amount. All of these measures are approximate! Do you boo boo!)

Step 4) Finally, add in as much of your favorite conditioner as you like. I dont egg my hair all the time, so I usually add it in with my deep conditoner. Using a fork (disposable if you’re like me and dont want hair gluck on your kitchen utensils) whip all the ingredients together until thoroughly combined.

Step 5) Apply the protein treatment to your hair and let it sit for at least 20 minutes (i usually do 30-45…an hour if im lazy!) And proceed with your regular wash routine.

IMPORTANT: Please. I am begging you. DO NOT RINSE YOUR HAIR WITH WARM WATER. The first time I put eggs in my hair I did not think that the shower was hot enough to cook raw eggs. Let me just say that I was wrong. SO, so wrong.

Of course, you don’t have to make your own protein treatment; there are plenty at the store that come pre-packaged and ready to go. However, if you’re a little apprehensive about some of the ingredients in those treatments, this method may be for you. You control exactly what’s going in your hair.

As I said, everyone has different experiences when trying new hair products. If i had followed my initial reaction the first time I tried egg in my hair, i would not have discovered my favorite hair product of all time! Give this protein treatment a go, at least two or three times and then see how you feel . And hey-it’s okay if you’re scared-after all, the chicken’s gotta be before the egg.

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