Curl Pattern is the go to spice when we want to know which hair products to use. Unfortunately it is the least important in discovering which ones are actually suitable for your hair.  Curl pattern is simply the trait of a hair strand, that’s it.  Therefore, solely choosing hair products based on your own pattern, or worse, someone else’s curl pattern is fruitless.

Say, for example, you and a friend both own a blue Toyota Corolla each of which is having an issue.  Your friend takes her car in and the problem is solved with a new radiator.  Since you two have the same car, you get a new radiator too.  But guess what?  That’s not your car’s glitch; all you needed was an oil change.  Total waste of money!  Unluckily, so many curly heads have made similar, if not the same, mistakes when deciding which hair products to use, wasting lots of money. So it’s very important to first look at the aforementioned properties (porosity, elasticity, density and texture) before setting your eyes on Curl Pattern.

So why then is Curl Pattern so popular?  Let’s be frank, it’s FUN and interesting; it adds uniqueness to your hair FLAVOR giving it that extra pop!  There’s an endless variety of curl patterns from loose waves to tight coils.  What’s more incredible is many curly heads can have 2 or even 3 different curl patterns on their head.  Talk about FLAVOR!

You know what time it is- Curl Pattern Test!

The famous Andre Walker, Oprah’s hair stylist, created a delightful hair type chart. Can you spot your curl pattern(s)?

To view Andre’s full hair type chart click here

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