Crochet braids are a way to give over stressed hair a break from the daily rigors of combing and brushing. Crochet braids can also be a great way to let your hair grow out into a wonderful natural head of hair free from chemical processing.

Crochet braids are created by using the popular latch hook needle found in many craft stores near the latch hook rug projects. The process of adding hair to the scalp using the latch hook method is the exact same process as adding the short pieces of yarn to any latch hook rug project.

Before beginning the process of creating the crochet braids the purchase of a latch hook needle is required along with packages of free strand hair to add for the completed look. Purchase either human or synthetic hair at any beauty supply store. Ensure that there is more than enough hair to complete the styles. It is better to have some packages hair left over than not enough.

To create the crochet braids style begin with freshly washed and conditioned hair. Part the hair in sections once it is completely dry and begin braiding the hair to the scalp cornrow style. Consider creating different parting patterns to wear the crochet style with different parts around the crown. Once the cornrows have been completed secure the ends by using weaving needle and thread to the rear of head.

Now that there is a completed cornrowed head of hair begin the process of installing the crochet braids. Simply close the hook on the latch needle and insert into the cornrowed hair. Take a section of the purchased hair, open the hook, insert the hair and close the hook. Simply pull the closed latch hook needle back through the cornrow and tie the hair at the newly created cornrow root. Complete this process until the entire head is completed to the fullness desired.

Crochet braids with proper care can last up to three months. With regular tightening of the cornrow base around the hairline encouraging a healthy head of hair when they are removed.

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