To keep your hair healthy you will need to get it trimmed every 6-8 weeks and that can cost anywhere from $5-$35 depending on the salon. Instead you can save money by cutting it yourself. You do not have to be trained or even really know anything about hair to cut it. That is where Crecalip comes in. Simply wash and dry your hair and place the clip 2-3 inches above where your hair ends. Tighten the clip and lock it. Once locked the device will cut the hair from bottom. This usually takes less than 15 minutes. What makes Creaclip so amazing is that it can work on all types of hair. It works especially well for those with curly, thick, fine, coarse or even wavy hair textures.

Those with curly, wavy or coarse hair may feel that it is even a bigger challenge to trim their hair. Since these type of hair textures typically grow at various lengths it is often better to continue with that growth. You can easily position the Creaclip to cut certain sections of your hair, which will also allow for you to create layers. You may position the clip the same way as you would with straight hair.

Creaclip can easily be used on curly hair to trim bangs and also add layers. It also saves tons of money in the long run and time. If looking to create bangs creaclip comes with a smaller device to cut your bangs. The clip can even be positioned to cut at an angle or even a blunt. If you have thick curly hair it is better to cut at an angle to reduce volume, To learn A little bit anout you may find information about the system, as well as purchase it there as well.
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