Did you ever know that hair extension is used to add color, length, depth and texture or thicken hair?
Cold fusion is attached with the use of keratin-based polymer which is attached to the roots at a time. This method use ultra sonic waves or in other words rapid impulses instead of using heat. This method has become well-known for individuals who like weft hair. The outcomes of cold fusion have become more evident since there is no report for possible burning unlike hot fusion.

One of the benefits of cold fusion is that it can last longer. Aside from that, because of the flexibility of the polymer that is keratin-based, your hair extensions can never be unnatural and stiff looking hair.
This can be impossible to distinguish from your normal hair if it is applied by a hair expert. It will look 100 percent natural and can match your hair color. This is your best option if you want to look natural. You will have a hair that is thicker, plumper and longer than never before. You can easily style it the way you want and you will no longer wait for your natural hair to grow.

Watch this quick video about cold fusions:

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