Are you looking for seamless up do change for your natural hair? Guess what? I think I have one that you will L-O-V-E.

Thank me later 🙂

About 2 months ago, I started getting in a lazy mood with my hair.  I know. I know, but we have all been there right?  So, I started thinking of quicker ways to do hairstyles.

That’s when that thought bubble appeared over my head.  In it was Janelle Monae’s hairstyle.

The Grammy Award winning songbird came right to mind.  I had always wanted to try the infamous style, but just never did, until now.  It appears to be easy, yet a statement maker.  Who doesn’t love that?

Many don’t know this, but Monae’s hairstyle is considered to be a variation of the pompadour style, which was named after Madame De Pompadour.   King Louis XV’s mistress in the 16th century.  That’s just a little history for youJ

Although it’s centuries old, this style has continued into 2012.  The evolution of trends always seems to come back no matter how old it is.

So check out the How-To video and show us your variation of this style.

Janelle Monae Inspired Pompadour Hair Tutorial

Tools for the style:

  1. Wide tooth comb-helps to comb out the hair to make it easier to style
  2. Pomade- adds shine and smooths over style
  3. Moisturizer- got to have moisturizer J
  4. Jumbo Bobby Pins **the amount of bobby pins may vary depending upon your texture and thickness. Have about 5-6 to be on the save side.

Tips for the style:

  1. Be patient when trying this style out.  It may take some time to get the method down.
  2. Be open to how it may look.  My hair does not look like yours or Janelle Monae’s etc.
  3. Use this style to make your own variation of it.
  4. Only use bobby pins with the rubber, smooth edges.  This prevents tearing the hair when securing the pins and taking them out.
  5. For added volume, try using rollers to get really big hair.
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