Kerry Washington is one of the most underrated African-American actresses in the Entertainment industry. She is the star or co-star of very big movies like Saved the Last Dance, Ray with Jamie Foxx, and now she is the star of the TV show Scandal. Besides for her talent, and her near perfect facial features, she is one of my favorite women simply because of her gorgeous hair.

With so many different looks that she can pull off, I love the natural texture the best.

Ms. Washington seems to be within the type three range since her curls are loosely hanging and you can see the definition within them. If she were to comb out the curls she most likely would get a bushy fro but not the kind you would normally see due to her hair texture.

There have always been speculation as to whether she was natural, permed, or had a curl. But Kerry Washington cleared up the rumors by insisting her hair is fully natural. She claims to have her hair straightened to achieve certain looks, such as straight hair or big curls.

It does seem as if her hair texture changed from when she was a child. The pictures below suggest she had hair within the type four range during her childhood. But of the pictures from her adolescent years, you can clearly see the curl pattern that she is so proud of.

During a make-up session on the set of Django, a movie with Jamie Foxx where Washington portrays a wife. She had to get into the role of a “natural woman” who would be seen as someone next door, like a typical wife would be seen. ”I remember sitting up in my makeup chair, looking into the mirror, and thinking, ‘There she is!”’ she says. ”The last time I wore my natural hair in a film was probably Save the Last Dance.”- Kerry Washington

Maintaining the natural curl pattern after using so much heat to straighten it out for almost every filming, Washington must deep condition often, despite her busy schedule. Her locks are simply gorgeous and appear well cared for.

To achieve curls like Kerry’s on relaxed hair, try flat twisting damp hair and air drying overnight. Slowly take out hair in the order that you twisted it. Then fluff to your liking.

Ijanei Smith has been into healthy hair practices since the age of nine. Learning different techniques to gain optimal health to her own hair through trial and error, she aims to spread the knowledge with other African-American women who are struggling with their hair as well.

Her philosophy is “to know better is to do better,” and when it comes to ensuring she spreads her knowledge of growing or maintaining hair, there is no limit or trial she is not willing to try. Learn more about me here:

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