We don’t often see or hear of dads taking the time to do their daughter’s hair, especially black men. Thanks to social media there are videos available of fathers having fun with the serious matter of hair grooming. They are getting in quality time doing a job that has been largely regulated to women by society. Surely these men are not the only ones to take on the task in history. Social media has its advantages and seeing these dads in action is one of them.

Work schedules vary between parents and sometimes mom has a full plate. Some men are single dads and learning how to groom the hair of daughters is par for the course. What I love about the dad’s who have gone public is that they aren’t all celebrities.  There are plenty of  regular folk doing what they have to do.

What a treat it is for young girls to have such special memories of daddy-daughter time. I would love to see this catch on in more households. One, it frees time up for mom who usually has an endless to-do list to attend to. Second, it speaks to society changing its views on tasks that are generally assigned based on gender. Lastly, some dads really get into products and preparation. Kudos. The dads featured in the videos below may not want to be congratulated for going that extra mile.  A pretty hair style adds to confidence and since  a dad is the first man a little girl falls in love with tender moments add to that special relationship.  At any rate I’m giving a shout-out in appreciation.  Please like their pages in support of the daddy-daughter bond and black family love.

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C. Imani Williams, is a freelance writer and social justice activist. She works to bring about awareness and positive change. Imani's writing has appeared in Black Fem Lit Magazine, Alt. Variety, Teen Girl Talk Magazine, Diva Gossip, Hello Shopper, Geleyi and various other publications. Imani, holds an MFA in Creative Non-Fiction writing from Antioch University. The Detroit, Michigan native resides in So. California, where she greets the sun with a smile.

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