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Beauty portrait of woman, studio shot. Image shot 2012. Exact date unknown.

Growing Bored of your Natural Hair?

Growing Bored of your Natural Hair? So, you’ve gone natural.  It’s been a couple of years and you’re getting bored.  Should you keep trying to let it grow out?  Or would getting it cut into a style work better for [...]

January 4, 2014 Going Natural, Hair Envy, Hair Growth, Hair News, Natural Hair, The Latest, Vissa Models, Vissa TV
The Return of The Curls

That Girl is On Fire: Keenya Kelly and Return of The Curls

It seems Keenya Kelly came alive when she decided to go natural. Entrepreneur and Blogger Keenya Kelly is making waves in the hair community with her Events Company, The Return of The Curls. Learn more about her story. What is [...]

December 7, 2012 Hairstory, The Latest, Vissa Models
Twist Out Natural Hair

Bahamas Beauty Brittany Basden The Natural Hair Star

Discover Brittany Basden, our newest elite contributor and creator of Kyss My Hair and Ms. Brittany Bass. This student and hair & beauty blogger from Bahamas believes, “If it makes you feel good, wear it!” She encourages women to wear [...]

December 6, 2012 Natural Hair, The Latest, Vissa Models
curly natural hair in pigtails

Discover Nay of My Curly Mane: Natural Hair Selection

Nay of My Curly Mane must have gotten it right from birth, as she’s been natural all her life. With the help of her Jamaican mom forbidding the creamy crack, her hair story, however, is just fascinating. Learn more about [...]

December 6, 2012 Hairstory, Natural Hair, The Latest, Vissa Models
big afro natural hair

Blogger and Entrepreneur Angela Allen affirms Freedom by Going Natural

Mother, Certified Holistic Health Consultant and Counselor, Empowerment Speaker, Blogger, Student, Small Business Owner and Natural Hair Enthusiast has a lot on her plate and still has time to share her hair story through her blog With the mission to [...]

November 23, 2012 Hairstory, Natural Hair, The Latest, Vissa Models
twisted natural kinky hair

Carla Vick of Fye Curls Explains it All, Naturally

Carla Vick is the Brain Child of the blog Fye Curls. For only being natural for a few years, she has already developed a following, assisting newly naturals a way to discover and embrace their own curls. Not regretting the [...]

November 20, 2012 Going Natural, Hairstory, Natural Hair, The Latest, Vissa Models