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Hair Chalk: The 411

Hair chalks are a beauty resource that can update your look quickly, and on a temporary basis. Want to try out a pastel hair shade but having commitment issues? Then try out a chalk! Popular for several years now, hair [...]

July 10, 2015 Hair Products, Hair Styles, HairFun

“Summerize” Your Haircut Without Losing Length

Never do we battle with our long, thick hair so much as when it’s hot and sticky all day every day—namely for the three months it’s summer. Not only does the heat turn your hair into a veritable scarf, the [...]

July 10, 2015 Hair Styles, HairFun

Cut up and Fly

Sisters are taking advantage of the beauty of natural hair in a variety of ways. One that is taking hold again is revamping fades and brush cuts. They are easy to maintain and there are any number of ways to [...]

May 24, 2015 HairFun, Hairstory, Natural Hair

Holiday Hair 2014

The holiday season is upon us ladies. Do you have any holiday hair plans? Judging by the amount of money Black women spend annually on our hair, it stands to reason that holiday festivities are a good reason for hair [...]

November 9, 2014 2016 Hair Trends, Celebrity & Hair Trends, Celebrity Hair, Hair Styles, HairFun
Curl Patterns and Hair Types

Curl Pattern – Are you loose or tight?

Curl Pattern is the go to spice when we want to know which hair products to use. Unfortunately it is the least important in discovering which ones are actually suitable for your hair.  Curl pattern is simply the trait of [...]

October 31, 2012 Going Natural, Hair Growth, HairFun, Hairstory, Natural Hair
hair density and curly hair texture

Understanding Hair Density & Texture

Let’s double the dosage and get the scoop on the next two spices; Density and Texture.  Paired together, these spices perform a smashing tango telling you which products and hair styles are best for your hair.  It’s only perfect that [...]

October 30, 2012 HairFun, The Latest