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Street Styles: Large French Cornrows

Around harlem you see a lot of cool hairstyles. It seems that the Harlem ladies are embracing one extreme to the next. If you are natural you are super natural with the massive afro. If you have a weave, your weave is every color in the book. Ethnic women has the upper hand in hairstyles and can enjoy this secret versatility.
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Types of Hair Braiding

Braiding has been a traditional hairstyle which is ideal for shoulder length hair or longer. It ranges from simple to very complicated weaving style. Here are the braiding styles which are still very popular... Read More...
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Pinch Braid Hair

What Is It Pinch Braid Hair Similar to box braids, these braids are single extensions done by braiding synthetic or human hair into the natural hair. Yarn, wool, & even ribbon can be added, and beads also ... Read More...