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Talking Bout’ Good and Bad Hair…

I find myself advocating for the natural hair movement all the time. Recent conversations with sister friends has made me want to delve deeper into the myriad of reasons black women have for categorizing our hair as good or bad. [...]

June 22, 2015 Hair News, Hair Styles, Hairstory

The First Cut

For some teens, the desire to be seen as a young lady and not as a little girl comes with thoughts of doing something different. They wonder, “What life will be like without ponytails and bangs.” Mothers know this because [...]

June 22, 2015 Hair Styles

Stress Free Holiday Hair

You’ve gotten through the holiday festivities and only New Year’s Eve remains. This has to be one the busiest times of the year for hair salons. Hopefully, you made your appointment in advance and don’t need to beg a squeeze-in [...]

December 28, 2014 Hair Styles, How To

Moisturizing for the Most

Winter is upon us and that means protecting hair against dryness and breakage for the season. You may want to invest in products a bit more vigorously during the winter than in warmer months. A good deep conditioner and application [...]

December 8, 2014 Hair Growth, Hair Styles, Hair Tools, How To

Social Media Increases Style Choices and Answers Hair Questions

Black hair sites are doing the most and keeping women in the know about the latest hair trends; they’re answering questions related to troubled tresses and obtaining healthier hair. They turn consumers onto stylist/salons who can give them what they [...]

December 4, 2014 Hair News, Hair Styles

Keeping Your Hairline In Tact

This message on easing up on tight braids bears repeating. Too many women suffer unnecessarily from hair loss at the hairline because braiding is too tight. I’m not sure if it is a badge of honor to take the tight [...]

November 27, 2014 Hair Growth, Hair Styles, How To