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Castor Oil Rosemary Hair Benefits

Castor Oil Rosemary for hair is an infusion of two essential oils, the castor oil and rosemary which have been traditionally used as hair care formulas. Rosemary is an herb with a very pleasant aroma that has been used to prevent hair loss and as well as for hair conditioning. It fights against hair fall, drives away scalp impurities like dandruff and it strengthens the hair roots for a healthy follicles.

Castor oil on the other hand has been used throughout the generations also to moisturize the hair and prevent scalp from drying. The daily use of castor oil is believed to restore hair shine by preserving its natural moisture and protects the scalp and hair from damage.

Hair Loss Prevention

The oil works by nourishing the follicles; thereby, enhance hair growth and regeneration of damaged hair cells. It aids in blood circulation to transport essential nutrients needed in the scalp which are necessary for hair growth. If the hair roots are fully nourished, the hair becomes stronger as it grows. Thus, hair will be prevented from falling and hair loss problem will be avoided. In fact, it will make hair thicker.

Hair and Scalp Moisturizer

Scalp and hair contain natural moisture and oil but with harmful effects of some synthetic hair care formulas and as well as due to frequent exposure to dust, they become dull and dry. The scalp ceases to produce the needed moisturizers. With Castor oil’s Omega 9 content, hair is kept moisturized. The moisture will help make hair follicles healthy and hair strands becomes shiny and resistant to frizz and split ends.

Protection for Hair and Scalp

These essential oils protect the hair and scalp from damage and fungal infections. Castor oil contains Ricinocleic acid that protects the scalp from fungal infections and dusts that causes dryness and itching. It deeply penetrates the hair shaft to prevent hair drying and to preserve its natural moisture. Thereby, the hair grows healthy and damage free.

Cure for Skin Problems

The castor oil rosemary anti-inflammatory and anti oxidant properties prevent scalp itching and dandruff. When you feel some itchiness on scalp, moisten a piece of cotton with the oil and rub it in the affected area.

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  1. sonam gylaltso February 17, 2011 at 7:53 AM

    where should I get the oil?

  2. sonam gyalltso February 17, 2011 at 7:55 AM

    where can I buy this oil? I like it. If anybody let me know about it, I would be appreciated.

  3. BlackBeauty March 4, 2011 at 9:12 PM

    you can get it anywhere like target or a local grocery store…but what I did hear is the darker the oil the better. There is one you can get on Amazon called Jamaican Black Castor Oil or something like that, but many say that that type does wonders…GOOD LUCK!!

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