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In only three months, cancer survivor Debra Brown has met and exceeded her goal of collecting 100 wigs for Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana.

Thanks to friends, neighbors and strangers, Brown, who is a client at Cancer Services, gathered 200 wigs designed for black women, helping to fill an obvious need inside Cancer Services’ wig salon.

“I never thought I’d make it to 100,” Brown says. “I thought maybe I’d get about 50. I always thought people didn’t react to these things, but now I know they do. The feeling I have now is gratefulness. I am so grateful.”

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  1. araminkirin

    I truly admire Debra Brown for her labor helping with cancer wigs. The person that did my hair prosthesis, Rodolfo Valentin not only is the designer of the first wigs for cancer patients, but also a great human being, he just donated over one thousand wigs for cancer people.


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