Until now, beauty bloggers have managed to contour every inch of their bodies, except one: their hair. But, the inevitable next step has been taken, and luckily it’s way less weird than it sounds. “Hair contouring is a big trend this summer,” says Jax Williard, a colorist at Fekkai Soho. “Clients have been requesting more face-framing highlights, which gives a stronger look.”

So, how does it work? Not with makeup, but it does involve painting your hair. “The balayage highlights are painted based on your face shape and what parts of your face you want to accentuate,” says Williard. “As opposed to the ombré look, which seems to be fading out, this coloring technique has the color starting higher up and really contours the face.” This trend is defined by dimensional color and chunky, not streaky, highlights. Since there are dark colors near the top, it’s a great option for women looking to transition out of their ombré hair for a more updated style.

Jasmine Tookes’s hair is contoured to make her eyes pop. (Photo: Instagram)

Lots of people want to go lighter for the summer, and Williard says this trend is definitely the best and most modern way. “Going lighter for summer is an overall trend. However, hair contouring is a pretty new concept and different way to achieve the lightness you’re looking for,” says Williard. “It is also the best way to enhance or downplay your features. It is such a personalized technique; that is why we are loving this look.”

To get the look, talk to your stylist about what features of your face and neck you want to enhance or downplay. “If your strongest feature are your eyes, but you’re not so fond of the roundness of your face, then the colorist should focus the lightness around your eyes and bring it all the way down past your neck to lengthen the face,” Williard advises.

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