Brooklyn Bald

Prancing around Brooklyn, New York this past weekend, there was a repeat offender hair style. The short natural razor cut hair styles.

I was pleasantly surprised that my friends growing up decided this style. One of my girlfriends who used to have long natural hair down her back, called the new short hair style, freedom. Wow, what a powerful statement. She does have 3 kids and works really hard. I can see how hair can definitely get in a way of her daily routines.

I am trying to imagine a day without doing my hair. Hmmm, I think I would gain about 2 hours a day.

Another one suggested that she just doesn’t care nor have the time.  She has her family and her life, and hair to her is just something to warm her head.

My last girlfriend sarcastically said her face is good enough plus it helps professionally. Too much hair has a lot of distractions. She said, when she cut off all her hair, all her co-workers treated her like she was powerful.  


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