First it was ombré, then it was gray granny hair and now bronde is the color everybody’s talking about. A cross between brunette and blonde (get it?), bronde is the suddenly hot shade that is popular with celebrities from Cara Delevingne to Chrissy Teigen. Blake Lively practically broke the internet when she posted a bronde photo to her Instagram earlier this month, while Jennifer Lopez provoked similar interest with her own Instagram snap, going bronde for her new TV show Shades of Blue.
07df2ac30f96476ecc573b5ef00478190028aad5The natural-looking style challenges the idea that blondes automatically have more fun, working with your real shade instead of highlighting it into oblivion. “The highlights give brightness and dimension to brunettes, making it a modern look, while it adds warmth and richness for blondes, making the skin tone fresh and not washed out,” says Adrian Wallace, the colorist at Rita Hazan Salon responsible for Jennifer Lopez’s recent bronde.

Less upkeep is one of the major selling points. “Many of my clients will come every 6 months for this,” says West Hollywood salon owner Paul Jean. “It’s so low-maintenance.” While blonde highlights might require repeated trips to the salon every 6-8 weeks, bronde — like ombré before it — works with darker roots growing in, blending the shades of blonde and brown together to create a rich, multidimensional look. “Bronde is a great way to add dimension into dark hair and the grow out can be very natural-looking,” says Jason Backe, CEO and Master Colorist for Ted Gibson. He sums up the appeal, saying, “Hair color is like life: the more drama, the more maintenance.”

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