What can one say about Beyonce’s hair? Well, for starters, it looks good majority of the time and it’s blonde. Beyonce wears lace wigs and weaves about 98% of the time. I think only intermediate family members and husband sees her natural hair on a regular basis.

Beyonce actually one of the few women who introduced these wigs to the mainstream for black women across the country. Even I was baffled when she wore her first lace wig.

Beyonce’s natural hair is very fine, which is visible when you see her hair up. Her natural hair can break very easily. So, the weaves and wigs are definitely life hair saviors. ¬†Beyonce does dye her hair once in a while ,but her stylists and mom takes very care of the processed tresses.

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  1. Tiara

    Black women have learned to be over sensitive about their nappy roots. It has been inbread into us since we were little girls, from the barbie dolls to the celebrity hair styles. I am so glad now the trend is headed toward natural hair styles. I haven’t had a relaxer since November 2006. It wasn’t easy, but I am so very much happier now that I am no longer a slave to the relaxer.


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