Bentonite Clay is naturally occurring clay found in Fort Benton, Wyoming and to the rest of the parts of the earth. This kind of clay has been widely used as detoxifier and has been known already in the field of alternative medicines since the primitive times. Human beings make use of it as detoxifying agent that gets rid of body toxins, it can be used as skin cleanser, and antiseptic. This makes the clay very beneficial in the human being’s digestive systems, skins and hair; thus, it is usually present in personal care products such as lotions, shampoos, conditioners and creams.

Bentonite clay when used on hair traps the residues to accumulate in the scalp and the fungus that cause the scalp to itch. To establish the level of benefits that Bentonite clay can give to the hair, one needs to be informed first about the minerals that are found in the said clay and how these elements and minerals can help in the development of the hair and in treating hair problems.

Bentonite clay contains:


It is a very necessary mineral in the body so cells in the body can survive. It is an anti-aging mineral used by the cells to function and produce energy. It rejuvenates and detoxifies the cells. Thus, without these minerals, the hair is not capable of growing and it becomes dull.


This is the mineral that transport cellular wastes into the external surface so it will be washed away. Without this, the wastes build up, causing the cells to malfunction and will not be able to produce more cells. With potassium, the hair becomes healthy and supple making it resistant to breakage and split ends.


If silica is deficient, the hair becomes lifeless and dull, prone to split ends and the scalp turns dry for it aids in moisture retention. When the natural moisture is retained in the body, the connective tissues become resilient so, pre-mature aging possibility is hindered. Thus, silica can provide strength to the hair, stops hair fall and hair breakage.

Aside from the said minerals, Bentonite clay contains more which are all necessary for the body and to its different parts like the hair.

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