A well nourished hair is not just a result of hair treatments but the type of food one eats can be one of the contributing factors. Strong, beautiful hair starts with diet and intakes of vitamins necessary to keep healthy hair. There are some minerals like silica that is also very important in growing a healthy hair and thus, prevent some hair related problems like hair loss and baldness.

You may be unaware that beautiful hair is due huge amount of silica intake. As we age, the source of silica in our bodies depleted resulting in wrinkles, dry skin and dull hair. Thus, there is need for us to increase the diet with silica-rich foods which can be found in the outer coverings of potatoes, peppers, cucumbers and bean sprouts. Raw oats also provide silica.

Diatomaceous earth can be a great source of silica. Diatomaceous earth is a 100% naturally occurring and organic source of silica which is taken from fresh water deposits and comes in the purest form consisting fossilized remains of diatoms, a hard shelled algae. People have different ways of taking it depending on preferences with nothing to worry about too much intakes.

Here are some benefits that Diatomaceous Earth can offer to the hair.

Lessens Hair thinning and Prevents Baldness

Since silica is building blocks of the hair, Diatomaceous Earth is necessary in creating new hair. Most shampoos and hair conditioners contain silicon too prevent hair fall. Silica stimulates the cells’ metabolism which in turn slows down the aging process, which causes thinning of the hair.

Keeps the Hair Healthy

Silicon strengthens the hair, making it less brittle; so, split ends are prevented. Diatomaceous Earth helps in blood circulation in the hair bulb, keeps hair hydrated by retaining the natural moisture of the hair.

Helps maintain a Healthy Scalp

Diatomaceous Earth keeps scalp clean and healthy by killing the fungal causing germs that inhabits the scalp. It also kills lice on hairs that cause scalp itching.

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