The Bantu Knot aka the knot outs are excellent way to sport a funky style, maintain hair collectively, and create amazing curls all at once.

To do this style you will need to wash and condition hair. I suggest leave in conditioner and towel drying. But, to each is own.

  1. Part your hair as you like. If you want, try diamonds like Niobe, Jada Pinkett’s character, in the Matrix Sequels.
  2. Once you parted your first section, just twist that section until it curls up tightly.
  3. You will then wrap it in a small bun. You can use a pin or not.
  4. Continue throughout the entire head until finished.

Extra Info

  • The smaller the knots, the more curls you will get once you take out
  • This can stay in for as long as a week if maintained properly

Here is a quick video >>>

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