Ananda Lewis is a TV personality and model. She rose to fame in the late 1990’s as a MTV veejay. She eventually went on to host her short lived TV show entitled The Ananda Show.

With her African American and Native American ancestry, Ananda’s hair type is 2C/3A. She has very long, loose curls. Ananda doesn’t do much damage to her hair, like dyeing, bleaching, etc.

She tends to wear it down naturally majority of the time. She may flat iron her hair straight or put it up , but not often. She prefers to keep  it strong and healthy.  Ananda considers her hair low maintenance.

A fan emailed Ananda about her hair regimen. Below is the video response she did about her hair. The video is below quality, but you can still hear everything.

What she uses

  • Large Tooth Comb
  • A mixture Mixed Chicks, Olive Oil, and Herbal Essence

Tips: She suggest the expensive products does not work for her hair. She also prefers to wash and go.



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