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Hair Type 2 or ‘wavy hair’, is not quite straight nor really curly. The advantage with this hair type is that you can do just about any hairstyle. Hair Type 2 can keep their bone straight tresses once lightly straightened as well as keep curls once lightly curled. However, many prefer to just wash and go as hair type 2 tends to just wave up when it dries.

Characteristics of Hair Type 2

Hair Type 2 shows a naturally occurring letter very loose “S” throughout the hair and does not bounce very much. Even though Hair Type 2 texture is easily manageable, it also has a tendency to frizz.  Light hair gels like Bumble and Bumble Light Gel and mousses like North American Volume Mousse can be used to keep away flyaways.

More In Depth Hair Type 2

  • Hair Type 2A is best described as having a fine wave with a thin texture. It has the least tendency to frizz compared to the other subcategories. Type 2a is easy to work with when straightening or curling. Celebrities who have 2a hair include Naomi Watts and Scarlett Johansson.
  • Hair Type 2B carries a more moderate texture. It is slightly resistant to styling and has a moderate tendency to frizz. Celebrities who have type 2b hair include Carrie Underwood and Nelly Furtado.
  • Hair Type 2C have deeper waves and the best hair type for wash and gos. It resists styling and frizzes the easiest compared to the other subcategories. Celebrities who share this type hair include Jennifer Nettles and Daisy Fuentes.

Tips For Caring For Hair Type 2

People with Hair Type 2 should avoid products with high concentrations of alcohol in their hair products, as these products will cause your hair to frizz even more. If blow drying, a diffuser like Solano Finger Softstyler Diffuser is necessary to increase volume and reduce frizziness. If not using a diffuser, combing to dry with fingers can produce similar results, as it can preserve the natural waves without causing breakage.

Lighter products should be used in this type hair. Gels and serums like Frederic Fekkai Summer Hair Beach Waves and John Frieda Frizz-Ease Serum are great weightless products to prevent loose hairs especially when drying naturally after washing or even for daily use.

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